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Lifting up those with diabetes from the darkness of fear into the light of hope.

Diabetes Support Services


Ricky thought he was pretty tough ... until ... one day he wasn’t feeling very well. A trip to his doctor gave him some unhappy news. Ricky learned he has diabetes. Not sure how he could cope or what

to do, a new friend named Sticky suddenly showed up.

Mommy, Please Don’t Let Them Stick Me Any More!!

Sticky just happened to be a porcupine who ALSO has diabetes. He helps Ricky learn how to live with this disease, discovering it’s not so bad after all when you have a great pal like him!! And guess what – Sticky wants to be your pal too!!


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Mommy Please



For details on Sugar Substitute - Getting It On When You Cant Get It Up, Build a Bridge and Get Over It, I’m Not Going to Do That!, or Tattle Tales, please contact our headquarters.

Diabetes Made Simple