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A 501(c)3 Corporation

An Equal Opportunity Provider

Lifting up those with diabetes from the darkness of fear into the light of hope.

Diabetes Support Services


It is the purpose of
Diabetes Support Services
to provide hope to
individuals and families living with diabetes, replacing their fear with
education and empowerment
so they can live full and productive lives.

Diabetes Support Services reaches out to the community through monthly support group meetings featuring keynote speakers and spotlights by doctors and other  medical professionals. These include medical specialists, registered dieticians, certified diabetes educators, fitness coaches, vendors of diabetic products, even representatives from state and federal programs. We participate and sponsor health fairs, provide fun and entertainment such as pizza parties for the kids with diabetes and their families, speak on radio shows, teach classes, and work compassionately with those seeking help to live fearlessly with this disease.

All of our evening meetings have been filmed and are available on DVD from our DSS library.  If your medical office or clinic is interested in purchasing videos or one of our 50+ PowerPoint programs for instructing your patients, please contact our corporate headquarters.

Diabetes Made Simple